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Self Mastery Course

Do you want to become the best version of yourself? Maybe you have goals you want to accomplish and a vision of your ideal future. Or maybe you just know you want to improve and be the best you can be. If so, you’re looking to develop self-mastery:

  • 1. Figure out what mission is right for you
  • 2. Learn how to improve in that area
  • 3. Do the hard work
  • 4. Maintain a healthy mindset throughout the process

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BestSelf Co is on a mission to create meaningful products that help people become their Best Self. It was launched by two entrepreneurs on a journey of personal growth.

SELF Journal

Daily gratitude, reflection, and goal setting combine with 30-minute scheduling to keep you laser focused.


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Project Action Pad

Deciding how to close the gap on a stretching goal is a common problem for big thinkers.


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Weekly Action Pad

This intelligent planning tool empowers you to optimize your week and perform at your best.


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2019 Wall Calendar

Use it to create your strategic overview and capture your deadlines, projects, and priorities at a glance.


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Notebooks don’t need to be thick, clunky, full of lined pages, or organized by date and time.


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SELF Scholar

With this tactical tool you can achieve your academic potential AND enjoy a packed student life that others envy.


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