Digital down low(d) #01


  1. Apple’s new iPhones launch with facial recognition and wireless charging.
  2. Nike debuts its connected jerseys for NBA fans to access content via clothes.
  3. Amazon is working on Alexa-powered smart glasses.
  4. Alibaba experiments with facial recognition payments at KFC in China.
  5. Levi’s announces its new chatbot tool to help shoppers find the right jeans.
  6. BMW is integrating Alexa into its cars in 2018.
  7. Project Loon by Alphabet is exploring using air balloons to deliver internet service to Puerto Rico.
  8. Google and SnapChat to hold a teen coding contest to create an official Snap lens.
  9. Tez, the new payment app by Google.


  1. Digital advertising to children is set to grow to $1.2bn by 2019.
  2. Ad view ability on YouTube has increased to 95% this year, up from 93% in 2016.
  3. Audi partners with Reddit to host a celebrity Ask Me Anything series in a sports car travelling at 130mph.
  4. 52% of marketers estimate losing 10-50% of marketing spend to fraud.
  5. Online holiday sales are projected to increase this year to $129bn.
  6. IKEA acquires gig economy platform TaskRabbit.
  7. In 2018, digital ad fraud will costs advertisers $19bn.
  8. Mobile video ad spend increased by 142% in Q2 2017.
  9. 60% of Millennials prefer to chat to brands via text/chat/messenger apps.
  10. 44% of consumers will make a holiday purchase via a voice controlled devices.

Social Media

  1. Facebook is searching for an office space in China, despite censorship.
  2. VW made a 21-day Instagram scavenger hunt to launch its new car model.
  3. Snapchat launches branded 3D World Lenses, bringing AR to its advertisers.
  4. Instagram reaches 800 million monthly users, 500 million of them active daily.
  5. 67% of US adults use social media as a source for obtaining news.
  6. Almost 90% of Gen Z say social media influences their travel decisions.
  7. Spotify launched its own iMessage app for texting songs to friends.
  8. Twitter is expanding its tweet length from 140 to 280 characters.
  9. Engagement with Instagram videos is surging, up 53% year over year.

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