Work in your undies

Many of the greatest companies in the world – including Virgin, 37signals, and IBM have built successful businesses providing people the freedom to work where they want, when they want, and how they want. Here’s why.

You get sh!t done.

No sitting in traffic. Work from where you get most inspired. Work in your own time.

This all leads to less time wasted, more productive work hours, and increased happiness amongst employees. By adopting a culture of trust and respect, you’re empowering individuals to not just show up, but to show results.

Build the best team.

You can do epic sh!t with basic people!

For each person that is available to work in your city, there are hundreds more around the world that can do it better and for less money. It’s only a matter of time until more and more skilled workers will adapt to a remote working lifestyle, and it’s the companies that can accommodate the lifestyles of these talents that will win in the future.

It’s 2015 people.

All you need is a laptop and WIFI which in this day and age is like breathing air or drinking water.

Businesses need to think differently about how they move forward with a Millennial workforce thats connected and empowered hot on their heels. Here’s what needs to change:

  • Performance over presence.

Its not about what i do but rather how i do it. As long as i deliver on my projects, don’t worry how i get there.

  • Get Smart.

If my projects are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and there is a clear Timeline ill be good thanks.

  • Communication.

Keeping the lines of communication open to real time chat and instant feedback will make the above possible. And no i’m not talking about email threads that extend beyond your screen. Slack people, its 2015 after all remember.

  • Transparency.

No weekly productivity killers (meetings) that give you an FYI you have missed the boat. Tools such as Basecamp  create a transparent view for teams to see project and personal progress all the time.

  • Feedback.

Monthly video chat calls to get that all important feedback we all require, to make sure all the stars are still aligning and to make sure you actually still exist and havn’t passed the buck to a cheap labor source and you actually now living in the Bahamas. But hey as long as the work is done:)

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