Learn to code

Codecademy is an education company. But not one in the way you might think.

There are two side to this post that id like to explore, the first being my passion for individuals with skills and how to go about building on those skills then leveraging them to create opportunities. The second being, my experience with the dreaded “developer.”

Today’s digital environment has laid a foundation for skilled individuals to punch way above their weight in the business world, no need for a fancy degree or major work experience, just an idea and the right skills to bring that idea to life. Codecademy is an amazing tool that allows anyone to learn how to code for free on an amazing web application that is so easy to use. Coding is fast becoming as important as your native tongue, Codecademy has made learning to code fun, easy and accessible.

A good developer is hard to come by. A good developer, with acceptable social skills is even harder to find! Codecademy puts you in the drivers seat, allowing you to up skill yourself or your staff. Not having the guy who hides in a dark room all day, lives in his boxers and charges the earth to subsidise his beer drinking habits in control of your digital assets is a win in my books.

Visit Codecademy now!

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