“Without a clear focus on our guiding values and priorities, each of us runs a real risk of successfully climbing a very long ladder only to find it leaning against the wrong wall”

Steven Covey.

The above statement sums up what can happen when we do not understand our Life Vision. Through coaching we can maximize your performance by unpacking the obstacles and challenges that face you and then formulating a course of action to help you achieve our goals. 

The first challenge is understanding who we are, this can be achieved through understanding our personality type and unpacking your core values.

The next step would be setting out your life vision. This statement will give you perspective and should be relevant in the 7 Primary areas of your life and should define and shape every decision you make in your life.

Setting goals in the 7 primary areas of your life will assist in achieving your life vision, this will form part of your action plan which will be integrated into your day to day routine and tasks. This will enable you to accomplish your life plan and fulfil your greatest life vision. 

“It’s not the plan that’s important, it’s the planning.”

Dr Graham Edwards

As children we look to our parents, school teachers and peers for guidance, coaching and mentoring. In the workplace, an annual review is all that takes place with regard to planning your next step up the corporate ladder.

Coaching is an opportunity to step back, before life takes over, and allow us to plan our greatest life vision.