Information, simplified

Our custom designed Pocket Books are perfect for all businesses, schools and universities wanting to provide their customers, staff and students with easy to understand information that they can be effortlessly referenced at anytime.

We would love to hear your feedback and how you would use our Pocket Books.


A book for, everyone

Our versatile pocket books are the perfect information companion for any team looking to provide their people with an easy to access, quick reference guide for information.

Human Resources

Our pocket books are perfect for new employee onboarding or to get your business aligned with your mission, vision and values.

Learning & Development

Having a quick and easy reference guide to reference, while learning something new, is always helpful to have on hand at anytime.

Sales & Marketing

Provide your teams with new product information that is easy to understand or give marketing a new channel to communicate with customers. 


Teams will have all the important information in their pocket that is easy to understand and enables them to operate effectively.

Perfectly presented pages

The value lies within our unique ability to simplify complex information and present it in an easy to understand format that is beautifully designed to ensure the user enjoys the experience of learning something new. 

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100 Unit Order

Per Book, NZD.

  • A6 size books
  • Multi paged stitched
  • 8 - 52 pages
  • Custom designed
  • Excluding delivery