For 2021 and beyond, the following five trends are the most powerful and support the continued expansion of digital transformation:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML) Platforms are embedded in the business platform, rapidly enabling “smart” business operations.

Blockchain continues to expand “out” of cryptocurrency transaction management and becomes a part of the core business platform, enabling transactional transparency across a wide variety of business functions.

Internet of things (IoT) adoption among mid-market and enterprise businesses accelerates as more IoT platforms are available to enable the actionable and secure application of IoT sensors to high-value business issues.

The majority of enterprise businesses adopt a cloud platform from one or more providers and accelerate the shift back to “custom,” microservices-based, industry vertical-specific solutions over “off the shelf” SaaS.  

Conversational UIs becomes the pervasive method for interacting with enterprise systems for workers and customers.

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